“This is the spirit of Delta Upsilon, good times, fellowship, social enjoyment, the best of youth and life charged with intense earnestness, manliness and purpose to get truly the best there is in the world.”

–Charles Evans Hughes, Colgate and Brown 1881

On November 4, 1834, in the Freshmen Recitation Room of Old West College, a building still standing today at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, 30 men quietly gathered to discuss a new idea. The men, all earnest, hard-working gentlemen, had come to college not to have a “good time,” but to prepare for the active duties of life. They came together to discuss the impact that “secret” organizations were having on the lives of college students through the monopoly of the student government.  The result of this meeting was the creation of The Social Fraternity, the organization that would eventually become Delta Upsilon.

The Delta Upsilon Demosthenean Chapter began in 1899 as Delta Sigma, a local fraternity organized by the Demosthenean Society at Bucknell. Following the principles set forth by the great Greek orator Demosthenes, Delta Sigma brothers excelled in public speaking, in addition to academics and athletics. The chapter resided at 518 St. George Street in Lewisburg until 1940, when it moved into a much larger house on Bucknell’s Fraternity Road.   

In 1950, Delta Sigma affiliated nationally with Delta Upsilon. They choose Delta Upsilon based on the shared philosophies of education, brotherhood, and non-secrecy. The chapter was appropriately named the Demosthenean Chapter of Delta Upsilon.

Today, the Demosthenean Chapter is committed to building better men through Delta Upsilon’s four founding principles: The Promotion of Friendship, The Development of Character, The Diffusion of Culture, and the Advancement of Justice. These founding principles challenge our brothers to expect nothing less than excellence from themselves and others.

There are no secrets within Delta Upsilon. No secret rituals. No secret oaths. No hazing. Delta Upsilon is proud to be the world’s only international fraternity committed to sharing our ideals, symbols, and rituals openly.

Delta Upsilon Quick Facts


November 4, 1834 at Williams College in Amherst, MA

Four founding principles

The promotion of Friendship; The Development of Character; The diffusion of Liberal Culture; and The Advancement of Justice

Original Founders


International Headquarters

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana


Old Gold and Sapphire Blue


“Justice Our Foundation”

North America’s

Largest and oldest non-secret fraternity and the only international non-secret fraternity

The Bucknell University chapter

Originally founded in 1899

There are more than

80 chapters and colonies and more than 120,000 initiated members

Chapter website


International website