Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Delta Upsilon at Bucknell University.

A decision was reached at the end of the Spring 2015 semester by the Alumni Board, in conjunction with the members of the active chapter, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity and Bucknell University to temporarily close our local chapter. The principal reason was that the members of the active chapter were unable to attract and retain new members. The difficulty in attracting new members forced the active membership to drop below the minimum occupancy threshold stipulated in our lease with the University, which was a requirement for maintaining the house as an active fraternity.

The long-term success of a fraternity today depends largely on support provided by the national fraternity, leadership provided by a strong Alumni Board and backing from the School. Our Alumni Board is dedicated to playing its part to bring about the successful return and continued operation of DU on Bucknell’s campus.

Pursuant to the lease with the University, once our active membership dropped below the minimum occupancy threshold, the University had the right to re-purpose the house. Based on the master plan for the University, the repurposing of the house was inevitable. With the construction of several new academic buildings, completed or planned, the present chapter house is essentially surrounded by non-residential structures.

As part of the repurposing of our current house and pursuant to the terms of our lease, the University is responsible for providing us with a replacement free standing housing facility on campus. This facility is currently under construction and the University has allowed us to provide some input on the location and design of the structure. At Reunion in June, some of us toured one of the recently built fraternity houses and were very impressed with the layout and quality of the finished product. This leads us to believe that having a newly constructed house on campus will enhance our success in attracting an appropriate Pledge Class in the Fall of 2018.

The house will actually be completed by the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester. The house will be operated by the University as a residential facility until the Fall of 2019 when our first pledge class will be able to take occupancy.

Throughout the last several years, the University has been extremely supportive of our efforts to make the house a success. This past June, Jon Bravman, the head of the University, attended our party at Reunion and acknowledged the important role DU has historically played at Bucknell and he assured us that the school would back our efforts to recolonize DU. We take it as a very good sign that the school consulted us in the building design and is aggressively moving forward on the construction of our new house.

DU International is prepared to commence its on-campus recruitment efforts in the Spring of 2018 in preparation for Fall 2018 Rush. DU International is very familiar with the recolonization process and will be the primary force behind our return to Bucknell’s campus.

DU International, through its various educational programs, seminars and resources will be providing ongoing support to the active chapter once the incoming Pledge Class has been identified.

The Alumni Board will be providing guidance to DU International throughout the recruitment and recolonization process and will be coordinating all efforts with the University. In addition, the Alumni Board will be soliciting financial support from our Alumni to fund (i) educational initiatives with DU International, (ii) scholarship opportunities through Bucknell University, (iii) facility related improvements for the active chapter and (iv) recurring and ongoing funding needs in connection with the operation of the Alumni Board.

The Alumni Board will be charged with providing required financial support to insure the long term success of the active chapter. As a result, the Alumni Board will be initiating a comprehensive fundraising campaign to fund the initiatives above.

The Alumni Board will also be responsible for maintaining the traditions and history of the Demosthenean Chapter of Delta Upsilon.

Our role as Alumni will be to provide guidance and support for the recolonization efforts. In addition, recent trends show that a strong alumni association can be a big selling point for prospective members. The idea of having access to mentors during school and a network of successful professionals after graduation will be key to our long-term success.

As Alumni, we need your support to insure the successful re-opening of the house and to insure its long-term survival as an active fraternity on Bucknell’s campus. Over the coming months we will be asking for volunteers to take on specific tasks and we will also be asking for financial support. Please feel free to reach out to me if there are particular ideas you have for how you can help with the effort.

Based on a mandated closure period of three years as mutually determined by the Alumni Board, Delta Upsilon International and Bucknell University, the first Rush we will be eligible to participate in will be during the Fall semester of 2018. As a result, Delta Upsilon International will commence the active recruitment of freshman during the Spring semester of 2018. The Pledge Class that enters in the Fall of 2018 will be sophomores and will occupy the new house in the Fall of 2019.