For the Graduating Senior DUs

Dear Fellow DU Brothers,

We hope and trust this message finds you well and ready to enjoy your summer. For the graduating Senior DUs, congratulations, the best of luck to you in your future endeavors and we hope you will join us at our future Delta Upsilon Alumni events.

As we are all aware, this has been a very difficult year to be a DU at Bucknell and to be a DU Alumni.  It has been particularly difficult for you, the active brothers, who have persevered following the disappointing rush event this past Fall and who have continued to maintain the house through its closure this month.  The Alumni Board would like to commend you on your conduct and exemplary behavior during this difficult period.   

We also wanted you, the active brothers of DU, to be aware pursuant to our lease with the University, we have been notified that the University has officially elected to repurpose the House and its associated property.  With the construction of several new academic buildings, completed or planned, the present chapter house will be essentially surrounded by non-residential structures in the near future.

Based on the master plan for the University, the repurposing of the House was inevitable.  As part of any repurposing and consistent with the terms of our lease, the University will be responsible for providing the Demosthenean Chapter of DU a replacement free standing housing facility elsewhere on campus.  As Alumni, we will keep you apprised of any future developments regarding this matter.

As I have previously indicated to you, the Alumni Board, the University and Delta Upsilon International Fraternity remain committed to the re-opening of the Chapter following a mandated closure period and as soon as our new House can be constructed.

As now Alumni Brothers, we need your support to ensure the successful re-opening of the Demosthenean Chapter of DU at Bucknell.  We will be seeking your support to achieve the following:

  1. Increase representation and participation on the Alumni Board.  We would like to grow the current membership of the Alumni Board from our current nine members to fifteen over the next six months.  Please contact any Alumni Board member if you are interested in serving on our Board.
  2. Establishment of a New Building Committee to work with the University on the design and construction of the new house.  This committee would also be responsible for maintaining our archives until they can be moved to the new house.
  3. Raise funds to meet the “start-up” costs of reopening the house.  We need to be in a position to ensure the successful launch of the house by providing the necessary funding.

We realize this is a very difficult period in our history but we will be able to succeed if we have the broad support of our Alumni.  We are also encouraged by the successful re-colonization of other fraternity chapters at Bucknell in recent years, and that we will be able to bring our chapter back to a place that makes each of us proud.

The primary focus of the Alumni Board at this time is to ensure the re-opening of our House and the successful return of Delta Upsilon to Bucknell.  To this end, we would like to hear from you regarding your thoughts, concerns and wishes regarding the re-opening of DU at Bucknell.  Please feel free to reach out to me or any other of the Alumni Board members listed below.

We look forward to reinstating DU at Bucknell with your support.

We also look forward to seeing you all at Reunion Weekend.  The Alumni Board has a band party planned and you are more than welcome to join us on the afternoon of May 30th.

Fraternally Yours,

John J. Zaharchuk ‘81
email John

List of Board Members